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A PhD Student and USMC Combat Vet, Reconnoitering Deep Behind Enemy Lines

The Post-Modern, Post-Talent Art of Seattle

Art is political. Take a peek at art from a political shithole.

#KneelGate and #BLM’s Resolution: Doug Baldwin

Doug Baldwin just emerged as the kneelers' leader, and that's great for everybody.

Comcast to Unbundle Sinking NFL Redzone from Sports Package

There hasn't been this much kneeling in Seattle since Dan Savage's last amateur porn film festival. Like most red-blooded freefolk, I'm disgusted by the kneelers, but I'm not boycotting the NFL. I love football too much. But, you don't just... Continue Reading →

Michael Bennett: The Victim We Deserve

Is it racist to be afraid of Michael Bennett?

Defeating Ryancare, Rand Paul Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign

Did self-interest drive Rand Paul to stopping Ryancare?

Trump’s Immigration EO Overturned: A Rebuttal by Robert Bork

How would Robert Bork rebut judges overturning Trump's immigration executive orders?

The Left’s #FakeHistory of the Statue of Liberty

The left loves to propagandize plebeian America with fake history and fake traditions. Thanksgiving Day creates a funny conundrum where the left tries to reconcile the 'nation of immigrants' narrative with the conflicting narrative of the rapacious Pilgrims pilfering the... Continue Reading →

Pew: Seattle is Home to 150,000 Illegals. Think I Just Solved the Housing Shortage…

And the teacher shortage. And the police shortage. And the bus shortage. Pew Research today claims the Seattle area hosts 150,000 illegal aliens. They have stuffed schools like Madrona, Bailey Gatzert and Chief Sealth full of foreign students requiring years... Continue Reading →

WA #NeverTrump Chris Vance Proves He’s An Empty Suit

You may not have heard of Chris Vance. In 2016, he campaigned against Donald Trump in a bid to usurp Patty Murray from her Senate seat. It didn't work. Vance asked us to send him to the US Senate where... Continue Reading →

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