And the teacher shortage.

And the police shortage.

And the bus shortage.

Pew Research today claims the Seattle area hosts 150,000 illegal aliens.

They have stuffed schools like Madrona, Bailey Gatzert and Chief Sealth full of foreign students requiring years of English as Second Language classes before they’re functionally literate in the language of our economy and society. Instead of our tax dollars going to teach Ecuadorian children English, wouldn’t it be nice to focus on teaching American children math and science?

Imagine your morning commute with 150,000 fewer drivers. Imagine rents in poor neighborhoods with 150,000 fewer people jacking up demand.

Not only is Mayor Ed Murray propping up the housing, police and teacher shortages by aiding and abetting illegal aliens, he’s turning down federal infrastructure funds to do it.

“But illegals are paying sales taxes!” So, for all the new infrastructure we have to build to host illegal immigrants, we get to split the bill. Fantastic!