Is it racist to look at Michael Bennett and be afraid? Let’s ask St. Louis running back Todd Gurley:

Michael Bennett can go from 3-point stance to sack dance in 2.4 seconds regardless of which 320 pound right tackle stands in his way. And he thinks the pursuing Las Vegas cop pulled a gun because of racism? Please. If any cop in America could take down Michael Bennett, he’d be playing for the 49ers.

“At any moment, I could have made the wrong decision, or moved, or (the cop) felt like I was resisting, or doing something wrong, and you guys and the Seahawks would be wearing a patch with number 72 on it.” Sure. And at any moment, Bennett could be sack dancing that cop’s teeth into the back of his head.

Twenty years ago, Bennett’s statement would have sounded like sage advice to a troubled youth: don’t dick around with cops. Now, the industrial victimhood complex tells young African-Americans that white cops are the problem and resisting arrest is heroic. Reminds me of this cartoon:


Until the radical 60s, everyone was expected to obey a police officer’s commands. When Michael Brown disobeyed a cop’s demands, he became the martyr for a national movement against the cop he tried to murder. Bennett is trying to achieve Michael Brown’s level of martyrdom fame but without actually being hurt.

White liberals who have never touched a gun are outraged. Just like with Brown, these armchair police chiefs think cops should either politely request or, in extreme situations, simply jujitsu these 6’5″ incredible hulks into compliance.

Liberals want to endanger cops. Look at their hatred toward the Pentagon’s 1033 program, which gives used armored vehicles to police departments on the cheap. How does an armored vehicle threaten the community? Because militant leftists in Black Lives Matter and fellow-travelers in Antifa can’t molotov cocktail them. Liberals don’t want cops with armor because liberals want easy targets. They want the ‘oppressed’ to have a fair chance in a fight with ‘the man.’