There hasn’t been this much kneeling in Seattle since Dan Savage’s last amateur porn film festival.

Like most red-blooded freefolk, I’m disgusted by the kneelers, but I’m not boycotting the NFL. I love football too much. But, you don’t just root for your team in an abstract sense, you root for the individual players. If I’m so disinterested in Seahawks sack machine All-Pro Defense End Michael Bennett playing Sunday Night Football, I sure as hell won’t tune into a mid-day Saints game. More on this later.

Long story short, I called Comcast to cancel my NFL Redzone subscription. They told me it was part of my sports channel package and can’t be cancelled individually. Here’s my bind, I told them: the sports channel package includes the necessary Pac12 Network, Golf Channel, et al., but I can no longer support the NFL. If I have to cancel my entire subscription, so be it.

After getting transferred up a couple ranks on the phone tree, the manager conceded to my request and told me a very interesting tidbit. Due to overwhelming cancellations of the sports channel package just to drop Redzone, Comcast will soon unbundle it to keep their sports-loving customers.

Like many deployed Marines, my relationships fell into disarray, including my relationship with the Seahawks. In the divorce, I only kept the Steve Largent jersey. I didn’t get out until I was just in time to watch Jim Mora revolutionize football with an offensive scheme built entirely on bubble screens and 3-and-outs. That year, I predicted that Pete Carroll would be our next franchise coach.

You don’t just root for a team. You root for the players. You root for the underdog. You root for Rudy. Here were the media’s slanderous storylines in 2011:

  • Carroll’s ‘rah rah’ leadership style only works in college
  • His zone defense is too basic
  • His cornerbacks are too tall
  • Nobody uses a fullback anymore
  • Nobody is a run-first team anymore
  • Richard Sherman is a loudmouth
  • Bruce Irvin is a one-trick pony
  • Bobby Wagner is too small
  • Russell Wilson isn’t black enough
  • Doug Baldwin is pedestrian
  • Golden Tate is a showboat

And then we won. And won. And won. And won in spectacular fashion.

Loving sports is similar to loving politics. In making a prediction, you put your intelligence, clairvoyance and reputation on the line. And when those predictions come to fruition, neener-neener-neener I was right and you were wrong and I’m a better person than you.

Russell Wilson’s Seahawks was an incredible underdog story that proved the haters wrong. It unified the city. Nobody believed in us but us. There was a spirit in Seattle supporting our team full of Rudy’s. It was something I didn’t feel again until my President Trump predictions ruffled all the jimmies.

But, how can I root for the pampered, disloyal punks like Michael Bennett who lie about the police to intentionally create social strife? How can I respect the opinions of Terry Bradshaw after his anti-Trump tirade?

I’m not boycotting the Seahawks. But, I’m not interested in these anti-American, anti-cop bigots. If Bennett got 10 sacks in a game, I just wouldn’t be that interested or enthusiastic. Of course, that would never happen, because for a guy who won’t shut up about police officers having more discipline, he can’t go more than three consecutive plays without jumping offsides.

The saddest part of KneelGate is the young black men who have become so convinced police officers are the enemy that they’ll violently resist arrest and find themselves another martyr to a cause that is nothing but the Democrats’ latest Get-Out-The-Vote drive.